Treatments for the guys

We also cater for men, so come on in and see what we can do to keep you groomed.

Tidy your nails and feet

  • Are your nails overgrown or out of shape? Have you got rough or cracked skin on your soles?

  • We can clip and clean your nails, to make them look clean, natural and professional. All in a private room and without nail polish!

  • Rough skin can be buffed from the feet, or if you need something extra, we can do a callus peel.

Brow trim and tidy

  • Are your brows unruly? We can tame them! We'll trim and tidy your brows, leaving them looking neat and natural.

Waxing and IPL

  • We do chest, back, arm and leg waxing.

  • Tired of waxing? Call us to discuss IPL.

Facial and Massage

  • We offer facials and relaxation back and body massages for men (choose from 30, 45 or 60 minute)

  • If you have lots of tension in your neck and shoulders, a 30 minute head massage is just what you need!